Now Integrated with Status

Keycard has developed an applet integrated with Status enabling offline private key management, transaction authorization, and two-factor authentication for account access.

Open Source API & SDK’s

Integrate Keycard using the Open API

Introduce Keycard into your app for greater security with features like offline private key management, NFC based transaction authorization, 2fa account login, tap to pay, and more.

Android, iOS, and Go SDK’s

The SDK handles complex tasks such as setting up secure channels, APDU parsing, serialization, and more.

Integrate Keycard with DApps

When used in Status, with dedicated web3 javascript calls, a DApp can call for any Keycard tapped on the phone to sign meta-transactions for simple payment experiences, and more.

Do more with Keycard

Compatible with all Major Cryptocurrencies

An HD BIP-32 wallet which safely stores Ethereum, ERC20 tokens, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ripple, and any currency based on ECDSA signatures.

Contactless Transaction Verification

With NFC, securely sign and authorize transactions & payments by tapping Keycard on a mobile device.


Program Keycard to launch a designated app or a URL simply by tapping the card on a phone, just like a contactless QR code.

Inexpensive and Familiar Design

Designed similar to a credit/debit card, Smartcards are an inexpensive, simple, and secure way to onboard new users.

Built for Security

Keycard is designed to safely store private keys offline in an air-gapped environment. They never leave the secure element of the card and are always kept offline.

Keycard hardware security is compliant with the most stringent standard (Common Criteria EAL5+) . No one will be able to access private keys even if the card is stolen.

Generate secrets with the built in True Random Number Generator.

Create Your Own Cards

Want to provide a custom experience for your users? Contact us about creating cards with your own custom design and branding.

We will support with design, manufacturing, and fulfillment of your cards

*These designs are for illustrative purposes only.

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